Program Length


Electrocardiogram Technician Training Program is 72 hours in lengthwith classroom and laboratory practice. Day, evening classes may be available. Most classes are 8 weeks long.



Vocational Objectives


The primary vocational education objective is to impart knowledge resulting in measurable and demonstrable skill performance by the student and to achieve this by presenting programs as effectively and efficiently as possible within a logical designated time frame.


Overall voctional objectives for the EKG Technician Program are designed to meet the level of comprehension that will allow the student to achieve employment status as EKG Technician specialist. This program is meant to provide a strong foundation and preparation for continued academic pursuit and attainment.


Individual program objectives are designed to provide the proficiency levels in theory and performance that meet the standards for employment of those beginning or continuing their careers in the healthcare field in a specialized field of cardiology. As an electrocardiogram (EKG) Technician the student will be able to find employment in: 



Medical clinics

Large major Cardiology Physician offices

Rehabilitation Centers

Diagnostic centers/laboratories



Training Objectives


At the completion of the program, the participant will:

  • Be aware of the role of healthcare workers and providers including legal issues of practice;

  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system including medical terminology;

  • Demonstrate the exercise of Patient's Rights;

  • Interact and communicate effectively and accurately with the Patient, family and staff;

  • Provide simple EKG monitoring and testing based on the Medical Doctor's orders;

  • Perform basic EKG Technician skills safely, comfortably, and accurately;

  • Accurately demonstrate how to report and record observations, including major heart arrhythmia and responses of the Patient to his/her immediate supervisor or the Medical Doctor;

  • Demonstrate the placement of pericardial(chest) EKG leads to classmates and the instructor;

  • Give simple emotional and psychological support to the Patient and family;

  • Be able to help provide a pleasant physical, emotional, and safe environment for the Patient;

  • State all the criteria used to interpret 12-lead EKG's;

  • Operate a 12-lead EKG machine and maintain it in operating condition;

  • Operate a Holter Monitor device and apply device to the patient.

  • State criteria and operating procedure for Treadmill Stress Testing

  • Perform specialized EKG Technician skills safely, comfortably, and with 75% accuracy, such as:


Hand-washing and other infection control methods

Use of personal protective equipment

Providing privacy for the Patient during the procedure

Takes and records pulse

Takes and records respiration

Takes and records blood pressure



Admission Requirements


To be accepted for enrollment, an applicant must be at least 16 years old at the time of enrollment and must be in good health to attend all classes. Handicapped students may be accepted for enrollment providing the disability does not jeopardize their safety or their employability. The student should be free from medical restrictions relating to lifting, bending, pushing, or carrying objects. Reading, writing, and speaking English is mandatory. The entering student does not need previous healthcare experience to enter this course. 


The course is open to men and women without regard to race, religion, culture, or national origin. Certification is provided through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA) testing program

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