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Program Length


This program includes over 90 hours of classroom and laboratory practice time, and 40 hours of clinical experience for a program total of over 130 hours. Day or evening classes may be available. Classes meeting three days per week are 8-9 weeks long. Classes meeting two times a week are 12-14 weeks long.


Main Objective


The program is designed for those seeking Certification in Illinois and employment for the position of a Nursing Assistant. The objective of the program is to instruct the student to meet the required skills to perform simple nursing procedures contributing to the care and rehabilitation of the sick or injured and others requiring nursing services. This course meets LPN and RN school requirements as a pre-requisite course.




To be accepted for enrollment, an applicant must be at least 16 years old at the time of enrollment and must be in good health to attend all classes. According to Federal and State regulations, applicants for this course are not required to have a High School Diploma or GED Certificate. There are no prerequisites for the course except to pass a reading entrance exam and score above 75% before admission into the program. The exam is waived for those who have taken previous college level courses (unofficial transcript required). Students with special needs (ex; certain learning disabilities or hearing) can make application through the school for "special needs testing".




Upon successful completion of this course and passing the Illinois State competency exam, the graduate will be placed on the Illinois State Registry as a "Certified Nursing Assistant". An official "transcript" is given to the student for the transfer of this course to a college for credit toward a degree in nursing.




Classes for Basic Nursing Assistant Training (CNA) are offered as follows:



9am - 1pm Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for 8 weeks

9 am - 1pm Monday and Thursday for 12 weeks



6pm - 10pm Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for 8 weeks

6pm - 10pm Tuesday and Wednesday for 12 weeks


Clinical experience times for morning classes are conducted on Friday's during the last 5 weeks of class from 7am to 3:30pm. And clinical experience times for the evening classes are conducted on Sunday's during the last 5 weeks of class from 7am to 3:30pm.

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