Nursing Assistant Re-Certification

"21 Skills"

The "21-skills Re-certification" is given to those persons having permission from Illinois Nurse Aide Registry to update the their CNA status to "active". You must have already taken a CNA course and finished it successfully. The purpose of the program is testing only, and not teaching. According to State of Illinois guidelines, the applicant will be given three (3) attempts to pass any one skill. There is no guarantee of passing any one skill although the student will be given every opportunity to succeed. Testing the student's skills will be an Illinois Department of Public Health approved Instructor/Evaluator RN.



At the completion of the program, the participant will demonstrate skills and possess knowledge relating to:


 > Phone the Illinois State Nurse Aide Registry at 1-217-785-5133 to discuss with them if you can have permission to renew your C.N.A status.

 > Tell the Registry personnel that you have contacted this school and that the teacher Joyce Stockler, RN will do the 21-skills testing.

 > Request a package of information be mailed to you with the forms for the testing.

 > Once you receive the package of information from the Registry, call this school and make an appointment with Joyce Stockler, RN for an initial interview.




You will need to come to the school approximately two times plus spending a few hours at the nursing home with an RN instructor doing 21-skills testing on a Resident.


Morning or Evening by appointment only.


Clinical experience can be arranged to meet the student's schedule. Starting time is 7:00 am and will usually take approximately 5-6 hours.

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